my debut misxttape!!!


download here!!!!!!!!

bandcamp ver

direct downloade!!!

track 01: untitled ~ rhis thrack gets me mo0tikvated and energiezd!!!!

track 02: creepy ~ SPOOKY TRACK

track 03: design ~ thx acetantina

track 04: ham ~ ham time!!! ft. callmecarson on vocals!!!!

track 05: beatz ~ my EPIC HIPHHOPH beatsz!111!!!!!!1

track 06: mm2tribute ~ this track is a tribute to my boi woodman

track 07: mm2string ~ mm2tribute, but its a string ensemblehz

track 08: chocobo ~ rhis thrack isa remiox of the cohococobo theme i made with ryan the dino!!!!!! hehe

track 09: trap ~ a trap beat that i mdade with my friendz!111111!!!!!!

track 10: what ~ rhis thrack wAz made with my guod friend Ghetto bird111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

track 11: virusdetect ~ rhis thrack is a mashupp of track 01 03 04 05 09 & 10!!!!!!!

track 12: win98 ~ SHHHH i stoled one of toastyst tunez beatz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DONT TELL HIME I DID THIZS HEEEHEHEHEH THIS IS a bonust rack on the zxip download!!

more is coming soon. Relaesed January 20 2020